Reflections on Return to Sport – An autoethnography of my experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic…

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented community sport organizations with unique opportunities to reflect and rethink their practices (Fullagar, 2020). This study presents an autoethnography, in which I study myself within my context as a Technical Leader for a community sport organization (CSO) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study attempted to identify factors that impact and improve CSO effectiveness, survival and resilience during the pandemic. Additionally, I explored the features that were most impactful to my ability to carry out my role and be effective for the club. Through the autoethnographic process, I observed leader dedication, tight coordination and control, dedicated staff, and open communication to be essential features of organizational capacity and resilience during the pandemic. I also observed environmental instability, failures to retain staff and inter-organizational conflict to limit the club’s ability to be effective during return to play, and my own effectiveness within my role. Through sharing my experiences, sporting organizations may gain a greater understanding of the features and necessary steps for efficient functioning and survival during an external environmental threat, such as a pandemic. Leaders and managers of CSOs may also gain valuable insight into how to effectively manage an organization through environmental uncertainty.

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Reflections on Return to Sport

Rhys A. DesmondThe University of Western Ontario

Desmond, Rhys A., “Reflections on Return to Sport” (2021). Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. 7764.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License

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